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Emergency Calls

Recon’s responded to 21 emergency calls this year within the same calendar day


Recon Repairs Completed

14 calls needed a repair which Recon provided on-the-spot



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           Not sure if you’re having a roof or gutter emergency? 

Here’s some of the seasonal/emergency situations Recon responds to

  • Ice Dams + Snow Removal

    Sometimes when winter gets ugly your roof is burdened with carrying weight it's not equipped to. Failure to remove snow/ice in a timely manner can lead to additional damages quickly adding up.

  • Wind Damage

    Wind damage can remove shingles which leads to leaks. It can also unfasten gutters and downspouts putting your homes foundation at risk from water accumulation

  • Water Damage

    Usually a result of the first two types of damage, water damage starts with the roof but quickly trickles down through your homes frame into the foundation. Failure to treat water damage poses increased risk to your homes structure, health codes (mold/mildew), and will likely require heavy repairs.