Reliable Roof Repairs

By Recon

Recon Roofing and Gutters, LLC is Greater Boston’s most trusted Roof Repair partner. Contact us today for an assessment and estimate!

Fast, Easy, Affordable

We’ve done repairs of all shapes and sizes. We’re available 24/7 to repair unexpected damages and keep your home safe at an affordable rate.

Recon does it Right

The majority of repairs result from improper installation. Often times, when called for a repair we’re fixing a problem created by your previous contractor. Recon Roofing repairs roofs correctly the first time.

Built to Last

When Recon repairs roofs, we double and triple check our work ensuring you don’t have to call us again and that the repair will get you through until your next new roof installation.

Types of Damages Recon Repairs

Weak Flashing

Most leaks are likely due to weak or cracked flashing. Flashing is designed as a water barrier and sits below the shingle. Without proper flashing in place your entire roof is at jeopardy.

Wind Damage

Winds can cause blow-offs and tenting. Strong winds can rip shingles right off the roof or move them into a tent position allowing water to leak into the roof.

Water Damage

Your roof needs the ability to support the weight of snowfall while having the necessary pitch to drain rain water. Neglecting water protection can result in significant repair costs all around.