September 2019

With over 25 years in business Recon Roofs and Gutters has established itself across Massachusetts as the premier roofing and gutter solution for residential and commercial properties. Over this 25 year span we’ve seen every scenario a homeowner can imagine and we’ve never left a problem unsolved.  

Originating as a small roof repair and gutter cleaning company Recon has expanded its footprint across the market by increasing our product and service offering. As roofing needs change across the market, we take every measure to keep up with the demand and meet every unique need our customers bring to the table and we will continue to do so as long as we’re in business.  

With this being the first newsletter published through our new website, we’re shifting our focus towards innovation. That said, we hope you’re enjoying our newly improved website and the updates we provide on the roofing market.  

In a market like roofing things tend to stay the same year over year. Recon’s team plans to change the way this market operates by analyzing common problems and tailoring our solutions specifically to those needs.  

In order to improve the way roofing is done, we’ve brought on several new team member to help from a market analysis perspective. From a quality perspective, we continue to bring in the most talented crew members to ensure our work is always full-proof.  

With these incredible resources we’ve recently added, we’re excited to hear from you as we continue to drive change across the market and be the go to solution for property owners across Massachusetts.  

-Joe Mahoney, Vice President